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Aug 13, 2009 8:00pm EDT
disrespect to rush limbaugh or sarah palin. it is up to us to make this president do what he promised us he would do. he is not just going to get in there and do it. we have got to force his hand to give us the things he promised on this beach. there are a lot of people around him that do politics the old way, back when i did not know what a laptop was, because of the cut of their suit or how much money they have, they think that equals power, and it does not. power is with the people, and the people in this room. we elected a lot of congress people. we elected a lot of centaurs. hello mr. franken from minnesota. it is up to us to keep the pressure on. i cannot name the number of chiefs of staff that call my office and say this is a tough vote for us. we are in a marginal seat and we have to make sure we do not get too crazy. it is going to be a tough election. no shit. we were there when you got elected the first time. remember that e-mail's and the labor unions and young people? we will be there again, but you have to perform. you will have to show us what you are made up. -- made up.
Aug 11, 2009 8:00pm EDT
soaring, rush limbaugh and others said you will be biased in your hosts in this debate and the walter cronkite. it was to be the subject of that furious continent -- controversy for a while? >> guest: i use it but at the time i was presented by my little possy who do not let me see a lot of what was said in which was a good thing because afterward and said it my god i never would have done this because there's senes but it was helpful. people like rush limbaugh who is an entertainer and can say whatever he dislikes but did not a i mean and the people i thought i knew and should have it is a small effort to get it right and those of the people who i felt unfairly treated by the people who i did not know who were mean to me i didn't care and the vast majority in turned out for people who did know and work with me and who immediately sent this can't be sure and i felt vindicated by that. >> host: thank you, gwen ifill, author of a "the breakthrough: politics and race in the age of obama". also visible on your local pbs station. >> guest: thank you, david, this was fun. out is c-span
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2